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Let's work together to help you feel your best.

Health coaching is geared for women who are ready to make lifestyle changes to feel their best! We figure out what foods make you feel your best and how to kickstart a new lifestyle beginning with the foods you eat. We will focus on reframing your mindset and healing your relationship with food. Weight loss is not the ultimate goal, but one of the many positive effects!

If you opt for nutrition & fitness coaching, you get all the benefits and help as my nutrition coaching clients plus the added support of me as your coach to your fitness regime! You will have access to my 21 Day Full Body Bootcamp and receive extra support and modifications to tailor the workouts to your fitness level.

Health Coaching Packages include: 

  • 4, 8, or 12 week options 

  • Customized Action Plan based on your body and goals

  • Tailored meal plans

  • One 60 minute intake session (via in person/Skype/phone)

  • Follow on sessions  via in person/Skype/phone (number dependent on length of program)

  • Accountability & motivation

  • Real long lasting results built from key lifestyle changes

  • Not a diet! Practical habit changes and tips to feel your best and feel confident in your skin

I know it's hard to read this description and then hit the "purchase" button, so that's why I think a Discovery Call is the perfect place to begin. We can chat about your goals and needs and see if we are a good fit. When I've searched for a coach that's excatly what I wanted to know -- is this person a good fit for ME? Let's find out! Please contact me to book your FREE 20 minute Discovery Call.

* Contact me for details on personal training (Bay Area only) and student offers.

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Ways to Work Together:

Programs Here

Ebooks Here

If you're interested to get started on your own, the 7 Day Meal Plan ebook may be right for you. 


This 7 Day Meal Plan can be used for 7 Days or can be used as reference for several weeks (what I recommend!). Follow the principles of your plate that I outline in the ebook and stick to the plan and general guidelines for several weeks and watch your body change!

7 Day Meal Plan Ebook includes:

  • 7 Day Meal Plan chart

  • Guidelines for everyday

  • Trader Joe’s shopping list (exact list and quantities)

  • Sweet Treat Ebook (5 sweet treat recipes)

  • 6 recipes

    If you’re looking for extra support, I’m offering the 21 Day Reset Group Program again starting October 1st! We will follow this plan and my workout guide along with live coaching calls and a private Facebook Group for support. Learn more here!


What clients have to say:

She also keeps your goals realistic. I was stressing about weight loss and she changed my goal, because stress won’t help accomplish your goals! We focused solely on how my body was feeling and how the workouts became easier. ... Katrina also made significant improvements in my diet, and helps make the new choices easy. It’s scary having someone tell you to eat more, or force you to try new things, but if it’s the right foods, it works!
-Grethe K.
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*Contact me for details on personal training (Bay Area only) and student offers.