Get REAL results

I'm not aiming for quick fixes or overnight solutions. Working together means real results for the long haul. I promise that it will take time and dedication, but I also promise that it will lead you to your best self.

My personal transformation story

Photo on the left is June 2012 and photo on the right is December 2017. 

My transformation began at 14 years old when I decided to cut out excess sugar and soda from my life. From then on, my passion for health and nutrition grew. I've learned so much over the years, especially over the past 5 years through my complete lifestyle change. It wasn't just a physical transformation, it was mind, body, & soul. I found power in looking at my body holistically. I found magic in listening to my body. I found healing in eating nutritious whole foods & eating enough! I found the art of balancing my busy-bee life. I found the amazing feeling of taking rest days and not working out 6-7 days per week. And so much more.  I understand what it's like to be caught in the middle of trying to love and accept your body, but still wanting to change it. 

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Client Transformations

Left photo of each set is Day 1, Week 1. The middle photo is a progress photo. Right photo of each set is Week 6.
10 pounds lost, multiple inches lost, strength gained, energy & confidence increased.

Watch Lisa's Story Below.


What They Say


Grethe says:

I have always been nervous to get a personal trainer. I don’t love when someone is down my throat and I hate being forced to do an exercise I despise. I decided to give Kat a try because she is a great friend, but what I didn’t know is that she would completely change my view of health and fitness (for the better!!). Before even starting the program, you fill out a questionnaire and describe what kind of trainer you want Katrina to be. This way you both know what to expect and what you’re going to get out of your trainer. If any point along the way you need more encouragement, or less “nagging,” Katrina will adjust her tactics in order to fit your style. That doesn’t mean she stops pushing you, though!

Katrina is available all day everyday to run ideas by and to give much-needed moral support. You’ll get comfortable talking about every part of your body, from skin to stool (seriously)! She also keeps your goals realistic. I was stressing about weight loss and she changed my goal, because stress won’t help accomplish your goals! We focused solely on how my body was feeling and how the workouts became easier. My main issue was feeling bloated ALL the time, and she gave me morning and evening rituals to help out with that. My attitude is so much better now that I’m not uncomfortable all the time! Katrina also made significant improvements in my diet, and helps make the new choices easy. It’s scary having someone tell you to eat more, or force you to try new things, but if it’s the right foods, it works! (I had to get over my fear of “whole fat” greek yogurt fast!)

This girl has put such a positive spin on my life, and it came at the most perfect time! If you’re ready to trust someone to guide you to a happier and healthier new you, Katrina's your girl! Keep an open mind and enjoy the ride! It’s a fun one!

-Grethe K.


Amelia says:

I Started This Bootcamp Being Absolutely Out Of Shape, So While It Was Difficult For Me, By The Third Week I Already Felt My Wind Was Improving And Wasn’t Experiencing The Same Level Of Fatigue As I Had The First Two Workouts.  [I Felt] A Significant Difference By The End Of The Program.

-Amelia R.