A few of my favorite things (lately)

Happy June Everyone! 

Time flies, doesn't it?? I cannot believe it is already June. I hope this finds you at a happy timein your life. It's a good time of year for a little self reflection and check in. Is 2014 what you expected? If not what needs to change? have you reached your short term goals or on the right track? Are you keeping up with your physical and emotional/mental health? Do you have good energy? Are you sleeping enough? How about time for fun? 

The list goes on.

What is important to realize is that we are not perfect and our lives will never be "perfect" especially if we hold ourselves to high standards. I can't speak for others, but I know I hold myself to very high standards and tons of expectations & this does not always lead to a positive spirit.  I found it's the little things each day that you can do to start working towards your goals. You must grab the bull by the horns and take on YOUR life. You choose what happens, you choose how to react, and you make your own happiness.  As for me I just keep trying and trying again and find what works for me. Right now here are a few of my "things" I'm doing.

A few of my little favorite things

1) I started a water challenge! The first of my few favorite things (lately) I want to challenge myself to drink more water and be conscious of my water intake. It's important as the summer heat comes to stay hydrated especially with an active lifestyle. It will also benefit my digestion and skin. My goal is 5 bottles of my Contigo waterbottle (20 oz.) a day plus whatever tea/applecider vinegar water I have.

2)I've also been enjoying Dandelion Root tea a few nights a week. I like the taste and it's really calming for me. It's said to be a good detox tea as well. You can try it out and see what you think!

3) BURPEES!!!! You're probably wondering who in their right mind LOVES BURPEES?!?! It's a love-dislike relationship, because I don't really hate anything. I have been doing my fair share of burpees lately and they are oh-so good. My favorite time (in a crazy exercise enthusiast type of way) is after a WOD or hard workout. I do 25 with a few friends and they do the trick! just think if you did 25 burpees 4x a week[ just 2-3 minutes!]  ontop of what you already do, that's 100 burpees a week!


4) NomNomPaleo's Frittata! I made it w/ Spicy Sausage, white onion, and chopped broccoli. I make it Sunday night so I have a quick delicious&nutritious breakfast ready for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Recipe found @ link below!