Your body is able to do so much more than your mind leads you to believe

Today I participated in a 5K local 'Turkey Trot' Run! (5k=3.1miles )I used to do long distance running and I dealt with a couple overuse injuries and I just never got back into it. Over the past 3 years I would try to restart running again and I would do it for awhile, but then my shin splints would come back and I would then back off  because I was scared, I did not want to get another stress fracture injury like I did in the past. Recently I took up Crossfit again, but this was after doing 6 months of training on my own, trying to increase my fitness and lean out. When I began Crossfit again in October I felt in pretty good shape, but I have definitely seen how much more I have to go, AND I'M EXCITED! The point being is that I ran this 5K today with almost no running training other than the shorter lengths between 400-800m at a time during crossfit workouts, yes some days the overall running distance can be close to 2 miles, but I have not run 3 miles straight probably since the beginning of September. The main reason: my shins were giving me issues again so I  focused on crossfitting, cycling, and some swimming as my main workout activities.

I could have let the fact that I haven't done strict running training get to my head, but I didn't. I just ran. No it wasn't so easy, yes I got tired after about 2 miles, but I repeated my positive workout mantra the entire time. "I AM Powerful, I AM Strong"  and it pushed me right along.


That's me, on the left!

I finished the race in 23:12, averaging a 7:28 mile pace. I know I could have been smarter and finished faster, but I was a bit excited in the beginning and took off quick with the "fast pack". I had my slowdown towards the end of mile 2, but I geared up mentally and told myself I was almost there, why slow down now? So I tried to pick up my pace again. It wasn't perfect and I'm not the best, but it is progress and it's awesome to see!

All in all as the title of this blog post says, my body is able to do so much more than my mind leads me to believe, and this race showed me just that! I'm very excited to try another 5K in the near future!

Believe in yourself, anything is possible