Homemade Popcorn..EASY & Delicious

Homemade Popcorn..EASy & Delicious

Watching a movie in my mind is usually paired with popcorn, SO make your own!!

Microwave popcorn has tons of -bad for you- ingredients and the homemade version taste amazing and is super easy!

I use a small/medium sized pot that has a lid 1) Place about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil into pot -2) let the oil melt and heat up slowly, so the oil doesn't smoke and the kernels won't pop too quick 3)place only 1 kernel in the coconut oil once it's liquid 4)once the 1 kernel pops, Add the rest of your kernels and place the lid on 5) move around/shake your pot as your hear the popping begin!! -**it should take less than 5 minutes for the whole process

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