It's 11/12/13 and my HeartPumper for the day


Yes! that it my sweat on the ground. And yes, I cleaned it up afterwards!

So I chose cycling today as my activity to get my blood flowing and get my sweat on!

Here is my workout:

5 minute warm up--> take the time to get your posture set up properly

8 minute hill climb ( First 6 mins seated, increasing resistance every 45 sec, last 2 mins standing increasing every 30 sec.)

1 minute rest

3-4 minute song for "Jumps" ( I usually pick the chorus of the song and I did 3 rounds of 3X 8 count jumps & 4X4 count jumps)

1 minute rest

Sprint Intervals (2X  30 seconds "on", 30 seconds "off/rest" then 1 minute on)

1 minute rest

4 minute song ( from seated to standing 3 times w/ increasing resistance each time I stand)

1 minute rest

Tabata Drill! 4 minutes( 8 rounds of 20 seconds "on", 10 second "off") "On" means give it your all!

2 minutes rest

4 minute song for "jogs" w/ 3 short isolations

5 minutes ride it out! good pace + decent resistance

5 minutes cool down

Total time: 45ish minutes!

Make up a fitness MANTRA that works for you when you feel yourself slipping during a workout or wanting to give up.