About Kat


My mission is to guide you to a life well lived.

Hi, I'm Katrina, Kat for short. 

Lover of food, fitness, travel and all bodies of water. I am a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM) with a specialization in Fitness Nutrition and have a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology. I am also currently enrolled in Bauman College’s Nutrition Consultant program and am working towards becoming a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant. I am here to help you find your path to wellness so that you can lead a more energized, happier, and healthier life that you deserve.

You want to learn "About Kat", well I'll tell you what you want to know. Know that, I've been there before. I've been in your position. I had years of fatigue, excess weight that wouldn't budge, acne, and anxiety. I thought I was doing all the 'right things', but I still did not feel my best. I knew in my core that my body had the potential to heal and feel completely energized. So I started... I started my journey towards healing. In fact, I am still on my health and wellness journey. I continue to learn and improve myself: mind, body, and spirit one day at a time.

I don't believe in a one size fits all approach. We all have different bodies and challenges & stresses to overcome. I meet you where you're at and understand that your environment, relationships, career, school, time, and spirituality all play a role in your health and lifestyle. 

We have ~100 years in this body so let's make it count. Let's nourish our bodies with good food, move in all kinds of ways, and create a calm space in our minds. Remember, we are in this for the long game. Our mindset is about progress and habit changes, not perfection.

P.S. For more on my personal transformation story, please visit the testimonies page!