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 The 21 Day reset is designed just for you!



What past resetters have to say:

The guidance and support that Kat provided made all the difference. The meal plans are simple, clean, and delicious, and the workouts are quick and effective. Three days into the reset my skin cleared up, I had more energy, felt less bloated, and I lost weight throughout. As time went on, I only felt better! I can’t gush about the reset enough - it gave me the confidence and tools to take control of my life!

-Kandance A.


   Let me start off with how amazing of a person you are and were through this whole challenge! Ive done my fair share of challenges and this one by far was the most interactive and communicative one yet. And I loved that!  I feel amazing inside and out. And by the end of the 21 days, I made a great foundation for a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. I’m excited to stay in contact and do more challenges with you! You are a true inspiration :) Thank you for working with me! 
- Kathleen R.


Lately, I have been feeling bored with my meal preps and the workouts I have been following, and I needed some encouragement to get back into a healthy routine. Kat is a friend from college, and when I saw her post about her 21-day reset, I knew it was the perfect program to boost back my excitement for health. The 21-day reset exceeded all of my expectations! The shopping guide and recipes she provided were easy-to-follow, quick to prepare, and so delicious! I loved the combination of weekly meal preps for lunch with multiple dinner options, since it saved me time on cooking but still kept things different enough each day to always be excited. 

I also loved how much support Kat provided during the reset. She was always there to check-in, answer any questions, and help me modify recipes for any food intolerances/ dislikes. She was so encouraging, and made this reset all about creating healthy food and workout habits that can last a lifetime. Her whole program was easy to follow on a busy schedule, and I am excited to keep using the knowledge I learned and motivation I gained from this reset! Thanks Kat!
-Carly H.


The 21 Day Reset was the most wonderful experience that taught me how to create a healthy lifestyle for the long term! I had so much support and motivation from Katrina ! I felt like she was right with me every step of the way. She helped me get myself on track without feeling guilty if I wanted to indulge. Her meal plans tasted amazing and I have now created many healthy habits. I definitely recommend anyone trying to learn how to love a healthy balanced lifestyle ! Katrina is so inspirational and positive!
-Janelle D.


Katrina's positive and educated approach to wellness and nutrition makes her one of a kind! She encouraged our cohort through one-on-one
check-ins and facebook messages, which helped to keep me on track. Even when I was feeling less motivated, I looked forward to her post
to help guide my attitude.

-Aamnah A.




ENROLLMENT DATES: June 3rd - June 16th
PROGRAM DATES: We begin on Monday, June 17th and finish with our final call on Sunday, July 7th. Week 1 content will be delivered via email on Saturday June 15th.
-Early bird $77 until June 10th
-Standard pricing $97
-VIP Early bird $297 until June 10th ( 1 spot available)
-VIP Standard $327

I believe in this program so much that if you're not satisfied with the program at the end of 21 days, then I will refund every single penny back to you. There is absolutely no risk here. Only the chance to feel better, healthier, and happier than you do right now. 


What past resetters have to say:

Want to workout in the comfort of your own home? Motivate & challenge yourself? See results & gain access to multiple cookbooks & pro tips while being encouraged by others in your same boat? If you are looking for a great start to a healthier you let Kat be your mentor! Her reset program is amazingly customizable to YOU! 

-Melina B.


The 21 day reset helped me to continue going towards my fitness goals. I noticed right away that my mood improved by clean eating and using Kat's workout guide. Her recipes were delicious and her check-ins were a constant motivation!

-Molly C.


Kat gave me the framework and encouragement I needed to jump tracks from stress eating at the computer all day. Because of Kat’s reset, I’ve been forming new habits for eating healthy, and she got me moving and strengthening again! It’s been great to build the habits and mindset to set myself up for a confident and fit 2019!

-Jami M.


Looking for more support?

If you're looking for more support and customization, I am offering 1 VIP spot open for one payment of $327.

VIP Support includes:

  • Everything in the 21 Day Reset

  • 1 X 60-minute call before the reset to personalize your fitness plan and optimize your schedule for wellness

  • 3 X 30 minute follow-on calls during the reset